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World Down Syndrome Day - 21 DreamS...stories that will open your eyes to life!

World Down Syndrome Day is a special day.  World Down Syndrome Day is a day to celebrate the beautiful lives of those with Down celebrate the families and individuals who love, support and advocate for people with Down syndrome...and to celebrate the advancements that have been made in our world for enriching and enhancing the lives of people with Down syndrome.  

It's also a day to reflect on and become passionate about continuing to promote education and understanding of what Down syndrome is. World Down Syndrome Day is a day that provides an opportunity to share with the world the message of awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for people who were born with an extra, extraordinary chromosome. It is a day to inspire others to do the same. 
Sycamore Sisters has recently embarked on a special project that allows us to spread this message and to inspire others.  The mission of the  21 DreamS project encompasses what was stated above...Awareness.  Acceptance.  Inclusion.  Inspiration.

21 DreamS started as a fairly simple has evolved into more than we could have dreamed or imagined!  We are so excited about the possibilities of 21 DreamS.  We have had an overwhelming response to this project, so much so that we hope and intend to continue the 21 DreamS project for years to come. 

Little Lauryn is at the center of 21 DreamS.  She is the inspiration for it.  She has opened our eyes to life...Here is her story.

~ Lauryn

The moment I saw Lauryn, I KNEW.  Immediately.  Even when the doctors didn’t say anything about it as they were cleaning her up and “closing” me up.  Even during that hour or so after her birth before my wonderful doctor came to us to gently and compassionately tell us the news.  I knew my baby girl had an extra chromosome…an extra 21st chromosome to be exact.  This little girl…MY baby girl…had Down syndrome.

I didn’t express what I felt to be true to anyone (except God), not even my husband, John.  There was a chance I was wrong, but my heart and soul were telling me differently.  Because no one had said specifically, “Your daughter has Down syndrome”, I couldn’t be 100% certain, but I knew something was coming, and I knew it was going to be a tough swallow.  I prayed for the strength and courage to be able to accept and handle all that I sensed was going to be before us.  I wanted to be strong…to be able to say, “This is okay – we will get through this…this is no big deal...” and fully mean it.  But not a "big deal” was pretty much the opposite of how I felt.

It is hard to explain all of the emotions that come into play when the reality of having a child with Down syndrome starts to sink in – strong, real and RAW emotions.  For a time, we lived on the roller coaster of emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and guilt.   Even so, there was ALWAYS one emotion that was constant…consistent…ever-present.  That was LOVE. 

We loved this child with everything in our being.  As we saw how everyone around her – her doctors and nurses…our family...our friends – connected with her and were instantly drawn to her, our anxieties, fears and sadness started to diminish to where eventually those feelings were pushed onto the back burners.  Yes, they sometimes creep up to the surface in a way to try to distract us from the positive outlook we try to maintain about the wonderful life Lauryn is going to have.  Always, though, the overpowering love we feel for this little girl overcomes them.

Lauryn has helped our family redefine love.  She has helped us gain perspective and appreciation for enjoying and celebrating the little things.  Down syndrome is now a part of our lives, but it does not define us.  It’s integrated into who we are – a piece to our family puzzle…maybe even the missing piece we always needed. 

That “no big deal” feeling I tried to convince myself to have after Lauryn’s birth wasn’t meant to be felt.  Lauryn  IS a “big deal”…not because she has Down syndrome…but because she is Lauryn…she is God’s Plan…and she is extraordinary.

(Lauryn's Mom)  

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  1. Your story is echoed all over the DS world. I am grateful to read your story. As a grandmother I had those feelings too. We know the other side of this now. I hope that we can help those families that have yet to experience the birth of a DS baby. It doesn't really mean we will change how they first feel, but it means we can support them and show them how much love this means.