Sunday, March 3, 2013

21 Dreams...stories that will open your eyes to life

Raising awareness about Down Syndrome and acceptance/inclusion of those individuals who have Down syndrome is something that is near & dear to the Sycamore Sisters' hearts.

We have recently embarked on a special project that allows us to spread our message of awareness, acceptance and inclusion by launching the 21 Dreams project.

The 21 Dreams project was born out of our desire to "do something" for World Down Syndrome Day (on 3/21) - to create something that would raise awareness for Down syndrome, as well as to celebrate the beautiful lives of people who have Down syndrome.  We were also looking for an opportunity to expand on our interest of photographing families who have loved ones with special needs.  We communicated with Down Syndrome Indiana for some guidance in our project idea, as well as suggestions on promoting/advertising what we wanted to do.  DSI has been so supportive, encouraging and helpful in this project.  We consider them our "partners" as we embark on this journey of 21 Dreams.

21 Dreams started as a fairly simple has evolved into more than we could have dreamed or imagined!  We are so excited about the possibilities of 21 Dreams.  We have had an overwhelming response to this project, so much so that we hope and intend to continue the 21 Dreams project for years to come.

For 2013 - our "launch" year, we will be creating and publishing 21 Dreams...stories that will open your eyes to life...Volume 1  AND   Volume 2.  We will be updating this page with information, sneak peeks, and a link to purchase the published book, if interested.  Be sure to "Like" and follow our  

21 Dreams Facebook Page where we will also be posting information, updates about the project, promoting the book, etc.  We've quickly learned since dreaming up this project, that the possibilities are endless, and when it comes to spreading the message of awareness, acceptance, and inclusion, the sky is the limit!

Our intention is to have 21 Dreams...stories that will open your eyes to life...Volumes 1 and 2 published and ready for purchase on World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.  We will not know the exact price of the books until a bit later, but the cost will be reasonable and they will be able to be purchased by anyone who would like one!  A large portion of the proceeds from book purchases will be donated to Down Syndrome Indiana, with a donation to DSI from Sycamore Sisters being made at least once each year.

Next weekend, March 8th, 9th and 10th, we will be photographing 42 individuals (plus 3 more sneak peeks for next year – to total 45) who will be featured in the two books.  We are here to tell you - you will be INSPIRED by these stories...they are amazing and true testaments to the fact that we are all much more alike than we are different. 

Help us spread the word about 21 Dreams...stories that will open your eyes to life!

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