Thursday, October 4, 2012

TOGETHER 21 - A Last Minute Challenge!

If you know know a few things...
*  We love a good challenge.
*  We often work best under pressure.
*  "Under Pressure" seems to be "the norm" these days!

Which leads us to a last minute challenge!

The deadline for the team and individual competition/rankings for fundraising (for the Down Syndrome Indiana Buddy Walk) is Friday, October 5th at 7:00 pm.  

That's a little less than 21 hours away!

How much money can this DUDE and DIVA raise for Down Syndrome Indiana?

We'd LOVE your help!  It doesn't matter how much...
every . little . bit . helps.  
It makes a the lives of many, many individuals with Down syndrome - and their families.  

Lauryn and her siblings
Ashton and his siblings...minus one big brother (pic to come)

It makes a BIG difference to Lauryn and to Ashton.  

You all are ALL-STAR AWESOME!  

Go spread the word TOGETHER 
that we are all more alike than different!

Sneak Peek at Billboard #5
Click HERE to donate!

(21 hearts) 


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